Trade of Truancy

That day the sky was intensely blue. And the smoke would contrast the future. There would appear its signs – amidst the twin-buildings opposite our glassy refuge. And it hung low and multi-storiedly, concrete, yet abstract. Then it would ascend, slowly, lazily, up and away. So cocky, nippling out, it pushed itself to do its best to make its way. Towards the azure projection of my inflamed soul, deep in its drowsy stillness. Mine turned into a mirror, to reflect it back into the stream of wheels. Both of us imbibing soothing salvatory mate, sipping at leisure the bebida through obscurely carved bombillas – slurp-slurp – who’s up there?

– Well, well, burlesque cirri seducing volcanoes, I guess.

March 19, 2012

113 thoughts on “Trade of Truancy

  1. Hey, Robert, thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I’ve been quite busy lately putting together a couple different shows, along with a host of other issues, but I wanted to say thanks for making contact, and that, after I visited your blog and took some time to read what you’re about, I signed up, hoping to read more of what turns you on.

    You have a distinct, passionate view; passionate in the sense you feel it strongly, or at least that comes across in your writing, who really knows how or what anyone else really actually feels, right? Whatever it is affects you, and it makes for good writing.

    Anyway, I hope you get a chance to look over and all its mad activity. I don’t know if you know but I’m in a wheelchair now and am facing the challenges and difficulties attendant with live performance and paralysis. I’m giving my all to perform my work, however, and I trust you had a chance to take a deeper look at what I do than getting merely offended at the outset and walking away, as some even most seem to do. I judge, from your writing, you’re much more broad-minded than that.

    Stay in touch, and again, thanks for reaching out, Uncle Tad

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