Zephyrus and Zebra

Hoggish sun, stealing from me my skittish and jocose, womanlike shadow. Angelic cumuli… floating in the lazuline sea. Gently carried by ever-caressing Zephyrus. No names, no aliases – to be, to be!

Puff-puff – the cherubim have thinned away. They’ve gone, they’ll come – the opposites remain. The delicate bedsheet-white flakes will soon grow into majestic clouds to clad the empyrean. They might fall down afterwards to match every empire, like a man off a zebra. Off the one with mocha stripes. El signo de la vida, of proper life.

When nothing can be juxtaposed, life has its taste. Mmm… delicious.

March 24, 2012

36 thoughts on “Zephyrus and Zebra

  1. Very sensual, sexy writing- well cool πŸ™‚ (very eloquent commenting I know! ;-)) I’ll look forward to reading more of Two Gallants πŸ™‚

  2. I have mega thousands of people who wait for my blog each day. I want all of them to see yours.

    I hope they do.


  3. Your own blog is intriguing. Yes, “to be, to be…” One of my college Shakespeare professors once said that he could write an entire treatise on two words from “Hamlet”β€””let be.”

    Bet you could, too.


  4. I just love everything in your eclectic blog so far from the sexy ladies, mojitos and off the wall poetry/prose. Great stuff!

  5. interesting image and words combo, really liked it

    esp nice touch with the spanish, the signature of a proper life, with the irony of proper also, for me, meaning a fuller, not necessarily restricted regulated, life

    nice, thanks πŸ˜‰

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